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01 November 2007 @ 02:27 pm
    Here is the Chapter four outline:


    The guys who grab Andrew and Katie speak the magic words and transport (in the same way Hy'aisle did) and go to the other world. They are taken to mendolina quim who looks old (yet still beautiful) and has a young, creepy voice. The queen pretends to be nice and tells them she is under a curse.
12 June 2007 @ 03:28 pm
Chapter 3 Outline: They go home and eat a snack of fresh goats milk. Then they go out and look for rocks. Katy finds Emerald stone. She looks into the rock and sees another world, and they can see her as well. Her mind is some what controled and she takes the stone home. The next day while she is studing in the library with Andrew the school library burns down and in the confusion they are captured by two evil people who are albinos and are tall and hunched over. They black rotted teeth and terrible breath.
19 May 2007 @ 11:31 am
Here you go:

Chapter 1 Outline: Katie gets from school and rides out aways and ties her horse to the tree and is painting somthing. (She is pretty good at painting) Packs up at sunset and goes home. Then she gets home and takes care animals (inculding putting her horse in the barn).
25 April 2007 @ 10:52 am
Alright, here is the first chapter (and in my opinion the worst) but enjoy:

Chapter 1

Woods of Tharmindo

On a misty morning in autumn Aiden rose to find the cold pale light of the dawn spilling through his open window. Aiden Emodor was seventeen years old; he had leaf green eyes and maple brown hair. He had his father’s complexion in that he was ruff and hardy, strongly built, but kindly hearted. He was more like his mother really however. Though he wished to go to battle and fight much like his father had, he really took more of a joy in simple things, like the sound of a flowing brook, or the green warmth of summer grass.

Aiden shivered as he pulled his bed cover off himself and sat on the edge of his bed. Taking off his pajamas and slipping into his work clothes, he walked out of his cold bedroom and down the stairs, into the Kitchen. Jabari had a fire going, which kept the kitchen warm, and also was making Aiden’s breakfast of sausage and turtle eggs.


25 April 2007 @ 10:50 am
Felt I should post the first and second chapter as well, so here is the second:

Chapter 2

The Task is undertaken


They were bodies of people. They were bloody, and had obviously been attacked by wild animals, for they had scratches all over their bodies. Next the men was a bear with a knife in its chest, and Aiden assumed the bear had wounded them. Demounting his horse, he walked around the men, until he came across the face a man he recognized. It was Jabari, and he was live. With a sigh of relief, Aiden sat down next to Jabari,

            “Aiden…” Jabari struggled to speak “Aiden” he said again, with a small smile

            “Everything is okay, we are going to get you out of here,” Aiden replied

            “If anything happens to me…” Jabari began

            “No, nothing will happen to you, I’m here, your safe now,” Aiden

            “But if it does…” but Aiden insisted


24 April 2007 @ 10:07 pm
You guys said that you'd already read some of this, but since it's been awhile, I posted it all again.

Chapter 3

The Arc’brid Attack

Aiden looked around nervously; he watched a long slender shadow glide along the sand of the dessert towards him. He jumped up and looked into the sky, just as the approaching phoenix burst into flames.

The phoenix twirled downward towards Aiden. Aiden dove onto his belly as the phoenix swept overhead. Feeling the burst of heat as the phoenix flew over top him; he scrambled to his feet and managed to draw his sword, just as the phoenix circled back around.

Aiden slashed at the phoenix, slitting his belly. Little bits of flames poured from its underside. It struggled to maintain height losing it’s potency as its fire like presence diminished. The phoenix tried desperately to fly but Aiden flung his mothers knife at it, the knife stuck deep in the back of its neck. It fell to the ground with shriek and all that remanded was the black feather body lying on the ground with a gash out of its side.

“What was that,” Aiden said approaching the phoenix with care

“A member of the Arc’ brid,” Fairfax replied

“Arc’ brid?” Aiden wondered, pulling his knife from the phoenix’s flesh.

“It’s a group of…”

“Wait,” Aiden said with a pause "a group?” Just then screeches filled the air once more. Aiden covered his ears, looking into the sky at the dozen phoenixes approaching. They were descending in a “V” shape with the biggest of them at the point of it.